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Stan offers classes and lectures on a broad range of topics, both technical,  and non-technical.  These include skills-based seminars, sales training classes, and his very popular Problem Solving Workshop.




Having served the Baltimore-Washington markets for 30 years, Stan is regarded as one of the premier photographers in the area. 

Today Stan shoots stock photos for Getty images and EyeEm.


Stan's books are an extension of his desire to share his passion for engineering, photography and understanding the skills needed for problem-solving.

Bridging Technolgy, Art, and People

These are the three cornerstones of my life.   At a young age, I started exploring new technologies in the areas of electronics which developed into a lifelong career in automation.  Over the years I was able to take my technical skills and convey them into practical skills workshops.


These workshops have helped employees in some of the most prominent companies in America today.  Over the years my seminars have focused on the skills needed for on-demand troubleshooting which lead me to the science of problem-solving. Today my problem-solving workshops help companies create elite problem-solvers for all disciplines. 


While highly technical I have always had a passion for photography which ended up becoming a 30-year career in Commercial and Fine Art Photography.  Today my passion is Travel Photography, offering hands-on workshops, and creating a portfolio of images for the Getty image library among several others.  My work is on display at these sites and is available for sale at my Fine Art Photo Gallery.




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