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Stan offers classes and lectures on a broad range of topics, both technical,  and non-technical.  These include skills-based seminars, sales training classes, and his very popular Problem Solving Workshop.



Having served the Baltimore-Washington markets for 30 years, Stan is regarded as one of the premier photographers in the area. 

Today Stan shoots stock photos for Getty images and EyeEm.


Stan's books are an extension of his desire to share his passion for engineering, photography and understanding the skills needed for problem-solving.

Bridging Technolgy, Art, and People

The three pillars of my life are these: technology exploration, education, and photography. Since my youth, I've been fascinated by new technologies, particularly within the realm of electronics, a passion that eventually cultivated a lifelong profession in automation. As time went on, I learned how to translate my technical abilities into practical skills workshops.

These workshops have been instrumental in aiding employees at some of America's top companies today. Throughout the years, my seminars have honed in on the skills required for immediate troubleshooting, leading me to delve into the science of problem-solving. My problem-solving workshops currently assist companies in cultivating top-tier problem solvers across various disciplines.

Despite my technical inclinations, I've always harbored a deep-seated love for photography. This passion evolved into a 30-year career in Commercial and Fine Art Photography. Today, I am focused on Travel Photography, conducting hands-on workshops, and curating a portfolio of images for the Getty Image Library and other similar platforms. My work is showcased on these sites and is available for purchase at my Fine Art Photo Gallery.




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